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      You have a great opportunity and challenge ahead. The opportunity to win a championship and the challenge to carry the proud tradition. There will be times this season when you think you can't continue and you've reached your limit. That' the time to start pushing yourself.

      The power to succeed comes from within and only true champions have the ability to reach down and push when they're hurting. Only a person who has paid the price and made tremendous sacrifices can earn the title of a champion.

      Throughout life, you'll find one of the differences between winners and losers is their ability to do things when they don't feel like it. you must mentally prepare yourself for training each day and ma ke your practice time count.

      Be a leader – lead yourself! Provide your team with leadership through example rather than through talk. The season will be tough, but there will be moments that will reward you a thousand times over for your sweat, pain and work.

      If you have no desire to be the very best you can, why be anything at all? If you can be great, why settle ro anything less than greatness? If excellence is possible, why be mediocre? Why cheat yourself out of the opportunity of a lifetime?

      Unfortunately, many people take the easy way out. It's easier to be average than to be great. Averaage takes less effort, work, sweat, pain and time. Excellence requires sacrifices that only a few are willing to make. Average is for those who dare not to be different.

      It takes a special caliber person to wrestling and excel. Excellence is their trademark and they settle for nothin less than maximum effort.

      This of you on the team have indicated you are a top quality person and are to be commended.

      You have an opportunity to excel as a team.
      You have the challenge to carry the tradition of wrestling.
      Average people will not succeed.

      As an ALPHA wrestler, you represent what it means to be a strong leader and that excellence for yourself and your team is important to you.

      Seize the opportunity.
      Accept the challenge.
      Decline to be average.



      Adapted from Florida Hall of Fame Wrestling Coach, Randy Jessee